The effects of aging can be visible, like when your hair begins to gray, or they can be unnoticeable. Your body changes on a cellular level as you age, and there’s no stopping it. The best way you can respond is to promote healthy aging by maintaining a healthy body and mind. One of the easiest ways you can steer your aging in the right direction is by eating a healthy diet full of nutrients that will improve your overall well-being. Take these initial steps toward a healthier you, and save time and money while you’re at it.

Eat for Your Body, Not for Cravings

Throughout life, you’re told to eat a balanced diet, but it’s more complex than modeling your plate from a chart or picture. Everybody is different, thanks to genetics, bacteria, and other factors. So, start by eating whole, unprocessed foods and then go from there.

As long as you’re eating plenty of vegetables and healthy proteins and fats, you’re doing great so far — and you’ll be on the right track to healthy weight loss. The first hurdle in improving every diet is getting over your cravings for processed foods. The junk is designed to keep you coming back for more, but it will cost you a lot in the end. Additionally, what you eat affects your brain, and healthy foods nourish it. Reducing salt and sugar intake improves cognitive function and reduces the risk of developing dementia.

Ditch the Junk to Protect Your Savings

You don’t find coupons on fresh veggies and fruits your body needs, but your initial cost won’t come back to bite later on. According to Men’sHealth, unhealthy people attain less wealth than healthy counterparts and then end up spending more on health care.

Do your wallet a favor now and later, and choose healthy options. For extra savings, buy produce from stands and local farmers markets, or stick to grocers with coupons or wholesale prices, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady.

Take it a step further by eating foods specific to your own needs and ailments. For example, if you suffer from joint pain, a Mediterranean-style diet is known for anti-inflammation, lower blood pressure and protection from other diseases. Once you’ve started eating fresh and affordable foods, you should see a difference in your body and mind. In fact, many of the staples for joint pain are also recommended for brain health.

Be Mindful and Supplement As Needed

The complex chemical environment that is your body connects and overlaps in many ways. Links have been found between dementia and anemia, so simple diet changes or additions can go a long way toward lowering your risk of impaired brain function.

With a diet full of fish, nuts, whole grains, tomatoes, and blueberries, you’re sure to be fueling your brain with the good stuff. However, you can do more to stay sharp. Since your knees won’t be inflamed, you can be more active and get outside for vitamin D.

Ask your doctor or provider about coverage for a blood test to see what if any nutrients you’re lacking. If you don’t have a plan that with any supplemental coverage, consider finding one that gives you another source of support. Every bit of help is great, so don’t be afraid to seek it out via many different avenues, including your church family.  

In fact, as a spiritual person, the simple act of attending church can provide you with the help you need to continue down a path toward a healthier future. Fellow church goers and family members can help prepare meals or get your vitamins and medication straightened out for you.

Being surrounded by people you care for is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to age in the best way possible. Improve and maintain your health today so you can pass your remaining time happily — and with as little pain as possible. Good choices add up, improving your time outside of the doctor’s office and your savings.

Aside from a healthy diet, you can boost your mental capacity by having the right tools. Mental Upgrades offers custom hypnosis recordings and self-hypnosis downloads to help you better achieve a mind-body connection.  

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