Using Self-Hypnosis to Reprogram Bad Habits Into Good Habits Are limiting self-beliefs, fear, a lack of willpower, and the inability to reprogram bad habits putting a limit on your success? Here’s how self-hypnosis can change that… Is it possible to “upgrade” your mind with self-hypnosis and reprogram bad habits into good habits?

I consider myself to be a skeptical person when it comes to sensational claims.

I adhere to the phrase, which I believe is credited to Carl Sagan, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” So, when I began to learn about hypnosis many years ago, I had my doubts about its real-world effectiveness.

Before deciding to become a certified hypnotist, I researched the topic for several years. What I ultimately found was that hypnosis is not only effective in creating positive change in people’s mindsets but that it is also backed by years of evidence-based research. You can read about these studies by doing a quick Google or PubMed search or by visiting: https://www.scientificamerican.com/ar… or https://academic.oup.com/nc/article/2…

What I Discovered About Self-Hypnosis:

What I learned about myself during my investigation was that my mind had been programmed in many ways that would greatly limit my success in life.

Over the course of years, this programming had solidified self-limiting bad habits into my subconscious mind that would undermine any conscious desire that I had to change them. Once a habit has been excepted by your subconscious mind it can be extremely difficult to alter that habit.

Some of my past bad habits included: A tenancy to procrastinate important actions that could bring about success. An addiction to unhealthy junk food, fast food, soda, sugar, and fatty foods. A habit of deciding to take just one more day off from exercising. “I’ll get started tomorrow.” A fear of stepping out of my comfort zone, even when I knew that doing so would increase my chance for success.

A habitual belief that I would never become wealthy and that I was destined to remain middle-class. At this point in my life, I was living on auto-pilot. I had no drive to achieve more than I already had. I thought to myself, “This is good enough.” But then, just to give it a shot, I tried using self-hypnosis on myself to transform my bad habits into good habits…and it worked!

More Information On Changing Bad Habits Into Good Habits…

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