Stage Fright or the Fear of Public Speaking. That nasty feeling that we get when speaking in public, or sometimes even at the mere THOUGHT of speaking in public, simply sucks.

But, I have some great news. Over the past 19-years, I’ve figured out ways to, not only get rid of that feeling but to turn it into a wonderful sensation that will empower you with the ability to share your message with full confidence. Are you ready to become a heroic public speaker?

Your newfound enthusiasm will become contagious to your audience, and you will finally be able to rock that stage in any situation without those pesky butterflies in your stomach.

9 Proven Steps To Help You Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

1. Know Your Topic:

You ONLY want to speak about something that you are passionate about. What is that one thing that you talk about so much that your friends wonder when you’re going to stop talking about it? THAT should be your topic!

Doing this will actually get you excited to speak because you’ll be passionate about sharing your information with your audience. If you’re required to speak on a topic that isn’t close to your heart, just make sure that you do enough research ahead of time. But ideally, stick with what you know best.

2. Limit Your Speech to 3 Key Points:

It will be much easier for you, and for your audience, to digest three main points throughout your presentation. Less can be too short and more can become too overwhelming. Keep it simple and there will be less to get nervous about.

Then, create an outline of your presentation. DO NOT try to remember your speech word for word in the beginning. You will come across as much more natural if you speak from an outline as opposed to a full script.

3. Use Anxiety Reappraisal: 

Anxiety Reappraisal is the simple yet very powerful action of reframing your fear. The anxious feelings that we get during stage fright are the EXACT SAME physical symptoms that we get when we’re excited.

By merely telling yourself “You’re excited to speak” when those emotions kick in, as opposed to “You’re afraid to speak,” you will have much more control over your presentation.

Then, you can actually use that excitement to your advantage. In time, those feelings will become your reward and not your punishment. It will become a healthy addiction!

4. Don’t Forget to Smile:

 When we’re nervous in front of a group we often forget to smile. However, you must remind yourself to do so for several reasons.

First of all, it will make you much more likable to your audience.

Second, motion creates emotion, so smiling will actually help to change your physiology into a more comfortable, relaxed, and pleasant state.

Also, know that your audience WANTS you to succeed. Trust me, they are not there to judge you. In fact, most of them will be admiring you for being the one speaking.

5. Remind Yourself That You Are There To Share:

Don’t go into a presentation with the desire to change minds.  

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If your mindset is that you are there to share information with your audience, that might HELP them in some way, then you will be much more at ease.

You are not speaking for YOU, but for them. Always make your speech about them, even when the story is about you.

How can your information improve the lives of your audience? With sharing in mind, before you step onto that stage or platform, focus on what might go right rather than what might go wrong. What positive impact are you about to have on them?

6. Begin With The End In Mind:

This line, borrowed from Dr. Stephen Covey, applies perfectly to public speaking. When preparing your speech, have a clear idea of what you wish to accomplish. Is it to Inform? Persuade? Entertain? Being clear on the purpose of your speech will help you to write an effective one.

7. Visualize Yourself Succeeding:

If you’ve already been to the venue you can do this easily days before of the speech. If you haven’t been there, try to find some pictures of the venue online.

Then visualize yourself speaking confidently in that exact venue. That way when you arrive, your mind will feel as though you’ve already done this before and will remain calm. Eliminating the fear of the unknown is a powerful step to crushing stage fright. Also, get to know the venue beforehand. Wherever your speech will be taking place, try to arrive early. That will enable you to get a feel for the room, test the microphone levels, and plan your movements or speech blocking.

8. Say YES To ALL Speaking Opportunities:

From now on, promise yourself to always say yes when asked to speak. Even if it’s just to give a best man or woman speech, or to introduce another speaker.

The more time you’re able to spend in front of an audience, the more your subconscious mind will learn to accept it as being a normal, non-threatening situation.

9. Find A Speaking Coach:

 Find a coach who has been where you are now, and who has been able to overcome his or her fear of public speaking. Learning from someone who has “Been there and done that” will save you from years of struggling.

If you’ve enjoyed this information, check out the Crush Stage Fright Book and Full Video Course upgrade at www.CrushStageFright.com. They’re filled with EVERYTHING that I’ve used to crush my own fear of public speaking and become an 18-Year professional speaker & entertainer. The video course currently has over 200-Minutes of overcoming the fear of public speaking guidance, self-hypnosis audio downloads, expert interviews, and a whole lot more.

Basically, everything you need to become a powerful, fearless, and effective speaker.

About the Author:

Chad Chesmark is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Stage Hypnotist, Comedy Magician, and Best Selling Author. He suffered from stage fright for most of his life and made it his mission to solve the problem for himself and for others. Now that he’s crushed his fear of public speaking, he has spoken to and entertained more than a million people across the globe and aims to help others conquer stage fright and improve their lives through his blog & self-hypnosis products.

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