“Is hypnotism real?” This was a question that I USED to ask myself often

I had spent years watching stage hypnotists while performing my mentalism show on cruise ships and it always blew my mind. However, I always wondered, “Is hypnotism real?”

I’d see people seemingly put into a trance and taken out of their realities. Personalities would change. Beliefs would chance. And behaviors CERTAINLY would change!

But, was it real? I used to believe that hypnosis was just getting enough people to “play along” for the duration of a show. I was wrong.

Then I Saw A Hypnotist Do Something Amazing

One night the hypnotist gave the volunteers an interesting suggestion. He said that none of them would remember anything about ever being on stage…Until they shook the hand of the hypnotist after the show.

Then, all of those memories would come rushing back into their minds in a flash. 

So, I stood next to the hypnotist after the show to see this in action. I needed to know once and for all if hypnotism is actually real.

What I witnessed was shocking. It’s challenging to explain, but I could actually see “the light switch” come on in the eyes of the volunteers the moment they shook the hypnotist’s hand.

I could tell that the hypnotic subjects were clearly not faking this. They would become overwhelmed with joy as they realized that they had been one of the stars of the show.

That experience is what inspired me to start diving into hypnosis much deeper

I eventually hired the best stage hypnotist that I could find to mentor me.

Is hypnotism real? Yes, it is. 

Since becoming a certified hypnotist myself, I’ve seen hypnosis help people lose weight, overcome fears and phobias, increase self-confidence, and a plethora of other life-changing things.

One of the keys to keep in mind when asking yourself “Is hypnotism real,” is to understand that hypnosis is not magic. It is simply a change in our mental state.

It is allowing our subconscious mind to step up to the plate while our conscious minds take a little break.

Hypnotism doesn’t “feel” like anything unusual

That’s why many will say that they don’t believe it’s real. 

However, if you’ve ever driven a car, played a video game, or simply zoned out in deep thought, you HAVE experienced hypnosis. 

And what did those things feel like? Nothing really, right? They simply feel like moments of extreme focus. In the end, that’s all hypnotism really is. It’s getting your mind to focus on a single idea or concept for an extended period of time. This activates the subconscious mind.

For more information and evidence to help you answer the question, “Is hypnotism real,” check out the rest of my blog articles under the hypnosis topic.

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