How Hypnosis For Stage Fright Can Help You Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking


The fear of speaking in public is much more common than many realize. Luckily, there are ways to conquer that fear. Hypnosis is a great place to start.

Using hypnosis for stage fright works because the fear of public speaking exists in our subconscious minds. Hypnosis is the fastest way to create change in that part of our minds. Without hypnosis, curing stage fright can take years and years of trial and error.

Hypnosis works by actually reprogramming the mind to no longer feel fear at the thought or action of speaking or performing. It aims to replace that feeling of fear with a feeling of excitement.

I struggled with stage fright myself

For most of my life, the mere “Thought” of speaking in public produced the following symptoms…

  • Feel sick to my stomach
  • Hands were shaky
  • Voice cracking
  • Knees felt like they were going to buckle
  • Body sweating
  • Mind unable to remember my speech
  • Inability to focus and relax
  • Upset stomach
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But Then I Found Hypnosis

I was intent on conquering my fear of public speaking. Primarily because I actually wanted to become a professional speaker and entertainer. Without conquering my stage fright, that would be an impossible goal.

In studying to become a certified hypnotist, I discovered that the only way to truly overcome a fear or a phobia is to change the hardwiring of the mind.

Many of us have been hardwired to fear public speaking. Hypnosis held the key to changing that wiring. So, I sought out to find a product that could help.

Unfortunately, the product that I was seeking didn’t seem to exist.


And, so I set out to create one on my own


Armed with a thorough understanding of hypnosis combined with years of research into effective public speaking, I went to work.

I created a self-hypnosis audio recording that I could listen to daily. This recording was designed to build my speaking confidence and simultaneously crush my stage fright.




I listened to my recording every day. Sometimes twice per day until my speaking confidence began to grow.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I ONLY used my hypnosis recording. I also continued to study effective speakers, speaking skills, showmanship, etc.

I did everything in my power to turn myself into a powerful public speaker. However, the primary foundation of my success was the hypnosis recording.

What hypnosis for stage fright has enabled me to achieve

Since conquering my personal fear of public speaking, I’ve been able to reach many of my life’s goals.

  1. I’m now a professional speaker and entertainer
  2. I get to travel the globe as a performer
  3. Public speaking has become something that I truly LOVE to do

Would you like to learn ALL of what I discovered along the way?


A few years ago, I began to help others who also suffered from stage fright to overcome their fear.

In doing so, I started to write down every tip, trick, and technique that lead me to feel confident and powerful while speaking on stages.  Eventually, I took all of those notes and put them in a book.

 The book is called, “Crush Stage Fright – How to OWN the Stage and Turn Your Fear Of Public Speaking Into POWER.” You can grab a FREE copy by clicking on the link above.

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Option To Upgrade

Once you download the FREE ebook by entering your email address, you will have the opportunity to purchase an upgrade.

The upgrade includes my personal hypnosis for stage fright audio recording, my NLP audio recording for stage fright, the audio version of my ebook, as well as a few bonuses.

If you’re serious about conquering your fear of public speaking and/or performing, you will also be given the opportunity to get my full “Crush Stage Fright” video course.

The Crush Stage Fright ebook is packed with information to make speaking in public a joy.  For other books and self-hypnosis products visit our Products Page


About the author:

Chad Chesmark is a best-selling author, certified hypnotist, certified NLP practitioner, and has been professionally speaking and entertaining on stages for the past 19-years. His fascination with the subconscious mind and hypnosis has inspired him to help those dealing with stage fright through his newsletter and workshops. Chad can be reached for speaking events at CONTACT

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