Are you stuck in your life?  As a general word, stoicism is the endurance of pain or hardship without complaint or display of emotion. But, as a philosophy, Stoicism is so much more.

It was advocated by the most influential Greeks in history. It’s also enjoying a significant resurgence in modern society by cutting edge influencers like Tim Ferriss. A little Greek philosophy might be just what the doctor ordered to get you “unstuck” so you can plow forward to achieving your goals.

Use these ideas from Stoicism when facing challenges:


  1. The obstacle is the path. Obstacles aren’t something to be avoided. They are meant to be conquered. Obstacles lie in the most direct path to success. Therefore, you can be happy you’ve reached an obstacle. It means you’re about to make great progress.
  2. Only worry about the things that you can control. The actions of others, the weather, and the fact that your mother wasn’t nice to you when you were a child are out of your control. Save your focus and other resources for things that you can personally influence.
  3. Understand you are the sole source of your emotions. Events don’t create your emotions. The stories you tell yourself about those events create your emotions. All conflict begins internally.

  4. Failure isn’t final. There is no reason to have negative emotions regarding failure or positive emotions regarding success. Both are mere outcomes that should be handled logically and intelligently.
  5. Get things done. Stoics believed in being productive over being comfortable. Logically decide what needs to be done and get those things done. Keep your emotions in check and take care of your business. Stoics were very aware of the importance of time and willfully avoided procrastination.
  6. Be present. Stoics were against living in your head. We live in a time of many distractions. We’re also good at reliving the past and projecting ourselves into the future. Stoics were adamant about dealing with reality, right here and right now. What have you ever accomplished by thinking about the past or the future?
  7. Keep your expectations reasonable. The great stoics of the past believed that it was ridiculous and odd to be surprised by anything. Frustration is often the result of unreasonable expectations. For example, if you made $10,000 this year, it’s unlikely that you’ll make $1 million next year.
  8. Be virtuous. The greatest accomplishment of a Stoic was living a virtuous life, regardless of the circumstances. Stick to your values, even when life is most challenging.
  9. Stop caring what others think. We tend to value ourselves more than we value others, yet we care more about the opinions of others than we do our own opinions. Impress yourself and avoid worrying about whether everyone else is impressed.
  10. Be grateful. Avoid focusing on the things you lack. Instead, be happy with your blessings. This is a sign of wisdom to a Stoic.

Give Stoicism a Shot and Measure Your Results

At the end of each day, ask yourself a few questions. What did I do correctly? Which actions were less than effective? How can I have a better day tomorrow?

Most of the people in modern society could stand to be a little more stoic. It’s time to toughen up a little bit. Face life and its many obstacles head-on. Take a lesson from the great Greek philosophers and give Stoicism a try. You’ll like the results.

About the Author:

Chad Chesmark is a best-selling author, certified hypnotist, certified NLP practitioner, speaker, and performer. He is the creator of mentalupgrades.com. A site that specializes in self-improvement by providing articles, books, and self-hypnosis products that help people achieve their goals as fast as possible.

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